Are We The Only Species With Dwarfism?

‘Is Dwarfism exclusive to humans?’, my cousin recently posted on my Facebook wall.  Evolution has changed species in various ways, for example the miniaturisation of dinosaur species into smaller birds. However in humans, dwarfism occurs within a species, miniaturisation tends to downsize and speciate animals proportionally over a very long time period.  Do animals besides […]

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The Ebola Epidemic

It’s been a while since my last blog and this time I’m going to write about something topical – Ebola.  Viruses are incredibly interesting biological specimens.  Not “living” until it’s hijacked a host’s cellular machinery where it can have devastating effects.  Heard enough about it already? Well here’s more about Zaire ebolavirus. What is the […]

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Modern Day Dinosaurs

Fun facts about dinosaurs are on today’s menu. Not everything perished in the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event (the big asteroid that created an Ice Age which wiped out the dinosaurs). Modern Earth’s small, elegant birds were once the largest, most meat-eating animals to walk that land. The evolutionary link between birds and dinosaurs is very strong; […]

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Origin Story

It’s difficult to say what life is. What is the difference between non-living molecules interacting through the laws of physics and a biological, reproducing, living cell? At some point, these collections of molecules bubbling away in our planet’s primordial soup produced life. Mankind’s origin is geophysical, chemical and philosophical but I will be talking about […]

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War of the Ancient Humans

Fewer than 500,000 years ago Earth was populated by a variety of different human species.  All of which, evolved from the Homo erectus common ancestor.  Each species belonged to a kingdom and all kingdoms were ruled by the King of the First Men from the Iron Throne.  Advances in genetic sequencing technology have fuelled a […]

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Can Science Make Us Immortal?

Why do we age? Can we stop it? Could we someday live forever? Why Do We Age in the First Place? Ageing is a deleterious trait and an evolutionary paradox. It leads to physiological deterioration and increased likelihood of death and/or decline in fecundity. This means that an ageing organism’s ability to make a genetic […]

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